Checking in with GT WR Jeff Greene

Georgia Tech has receivers, the Jackets just don’t have any career receptions among them this year. Problem? Depends who you ask. Receiver Jeff Greene seems to think they’ll be just fine without Stephen Hill and Tyler Melton. Greene played in 12 games last year as the Jackets’ top backup. I caught up with him recently to get his take on the position.

Here are the highlights of our conversation:

A lot of fans have been wondering how the receivers will fare without Stephen Hill this year, but expectations are pretty high for you. How do you see your role changing?

Jeff Greene: It’s pretty much just getting an opportunity to go out there and start at the receiver position. Everyone is saying how we haven’t had a catch yet from our receiving corps, and just going out there with the right mindset and trying to make that first play.

How much do you think you guys have improved this summer?

JG: We’ve improved a lot in the weight room and out there on the practice field this summer working with the quarterbacks on our routes and timing. As a whole we’ve improved a lot.

What’s it like being a receiver in such a run-based offense?

JG: Everybody says you won’t get the ball and everything, but really in our offense you can be in one-on-one coverage basically every game, and usually we’re bigger than the cornerbacks so it’s a good matchup between the receivers and DBs every game.

How excited are you to make a name for yourself this year?

JG: Right now I’m very excited to just run out there and make plays and do what I can to make the team better.

What do you think you guys are capable of as a group this year?

JG: Right now our goal is to win every game, go out there, give it our all, give good effort, and hopefully be in that ACC championship at the end of the year.

You guys have a pretty good secondary returning. What’s it been like going against those guys every day?

JG: Oh it’s always a challenge going out there against the DBs. We’re going at it back and forth, but we’re helping each other get better.

How tough has the competition been between the receivers this summer?

JG: Oh it’s always been a tough competition. No one is thinking we already have that No. 1 spot locked up, so we’re trying to make plays and come out on top at the end.

Coach Johnson has talked repeatedly about how it’s going to be important for you guys to pass the ball more efficiently. What do you see that makes you think you guys are capable of doing that this year?

JG: This year we go out there with the mindset that when the ball is in the air, it’s yours, and being able to go up and get the ball no matter where the quarterback throws it, you have to make them look good, so keeping our focus on the ball.

What do you think about Virginia Tech’s defense?

JG: We watched film on them, they’re a good defense and we just have to be on our Ps and Qs against them, don’t take anybody lightly and go 100 percent.