Bowden saga continues

In a recent interview with The Sporting News, former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said he was fired -- he didn't resign or retire.

In a recent interview with the Palm Beach Post, former FSU president T.K. Wetherell said his relationship with Bowden is now "strained."

BowdenWell, you don't say.

What did Wetherell think was going to happen, he'd still be a BFF? (Bowden's Favorite Friend).

Wetherell actually states in this interview that he'd like to get back to the days of playing golf and having barbecues, but it's "going to take some time to get there."

Like, forever.

Regardless of how you felt about Bowden during his final seasons, whether or not you thought it was time for him to step aside, the way it happened was shameful. It was ugly. And it was embarrassing for Florida State. Are the Seminoles better off now with Jimbo Fisher at the helm? It certainly appears they're headed in the right direction, and more importantly, they have direction. But was it worth all of this to get there one year earlier? Some say yes. And yet many of those same people will be among the first in line for an autograph of Bowden's new book, "Called to Coach."

Wetherell said he won't read it. Why would he? He already knows how the story ends.