Three-point stance: Twitter troubles

1.I’ve heard of college kids living to regret posting Facebook photos of themselves looking a little too happy while holding a red plastic cup at a party. Prospective employers don’t like that. Now that North Carolina defensive lineman Marvin Austin has helped the NCAA to build its investigation of him by tweeting about his (agent-financed?) trip to Miami, expect college coaches to clamp down even more on the use of social media. It can turn on you in a heartbeat.

2.Ohio State coach Jim Tressel is not bringing junior quarterback Terrelle Pryor to Big Ten media day, which is in keeping with his policy of bringing captains and/or seniors to the Chicago event. That’s all well and good, but former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden had a better take on it by opening his locker room for all but the last few years of his tenure. Bowden figured he could help his players mature and grow if they learned to deal with the media. So he let them.

3.When Timmy Chang of Hawaii smashed the NCAA career passing record in 2006 by finishing his career with 17,072 yards, I thought he had set a 56-game-hitting-streak kind of record. But Houston quarterback Case Keenum needs only 4,123 yards to surpass Chang. I write “only” because Keenum has surpassed 5,000 yards in each of the last two seasons. If Keenum stays healthy, he could have the record by Halloween.