Former Texas QB Vince Young makes good on bet with ex-Cal player

The best part of a bet is watching the loser pay up. And in this case, it was former Texas quarterback Vince Young who had to rock a custom-made Cal jersey following the Bears 45-44 victory Saturday in Austin.

Young made the bet with Scott X. Nady, a Texas high school football coach former Cal player from the early 90s. Nady would have to reciprocate in Texas gear had the outcome gone the other way. Allegedly, Young was supposed to wear the jersey on the air for the Longhorn Network -- though that hasn’t happened. Yet.

The following series of tweets from Nady sets the timeline -- which came to a crescendo when Texas’ comeback attempt was cut short by a missed PAT with 1:11 left in the game that would have tied things up with the Bears at 45-45. Instead, Cal left Austin a winner and Young was left sporting Berkeley Blue and California Gold.

Here’s the original bet:

Here’s the jersey being delivered to Young:

And here’s the payoff: