What we learned from Notre Dame, Week 13

What we learned from Notre Dame's 45-38 loss to Stanford on Saturday:

1. Charlie Weis did not end his tenure in style: Remember after the Navy loss, when Weis stressed that the following week would be all about accountability? Apparently the head coach doesn't need to be accountable after the team's fourth straight loss. Weis declined all on-field interviews with ABC during the game and then didn't bother to show up to his own postgame news conference. No matter. His team's performance did all the talking for him.

2. Greatness, wasted: Weis has said he thinks quarterback Jimmy Clausen is the best player in school history, and Clausen capped a tremendous statistical season with five touchdown passes on Saturday. Receiver Golden Tate wrapped up the best season by a wideout in Irish history with 10 catches for 201 yards and three touchdowns. There may not be a quarterback-receiver combo as good as those two in South Bend in a long, long time. And now both are almost certainly headed to the NFL as juniors, leaving school without having ever been on a team that finished the regular season with a winning record.

3. The postseason, if there is one, will be dreadful: At 6-6, Notre Dame will have to scrounge around for an opening somewhere after every 7-5 team in the land is placed in a bowl game. They could wind up playing in the Little Caesar's Bowl in Detroit or some other low-level game that's almost embarrassing to the school's tradition. With all the turmoil surrounding Weis and Clausen in the last week and the need to focus on the coaching transition, accepting a bowl bid might not even be worth it for the Irish.