#AskLoogs: 2015 verbals too early?

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It’s the world we are living in, and we can’t go backwards. If recruits have been on campus at a lot of places and take the time to do their homework, then at least you can appreciate that and understand the commitment. However, these kids are 15 and 16 years old. The opportunities and avenues that are going to be available to them over the course of the next two years will be enormous and afford them the ability to make better, wiser decisions. My fear is that when a prospect commits prior to the fall of his junior year, it is way too early and impossible for a prospect to truly know what is out there and have all the information to make an educated choice. Not to mention, two years in the coaching world could mean dozens of coaches getting fired, which changes everything.

Keep in mind, offers are coming at this point so schools can be in the hunt, not because they are convinced they would take the commitment or a player is even high on their board. Moreover, I promise you those offers have stipulations concerning on-campus camp attendance or unofficial visits. It is early in the process for the coaches who are trying to evaluate and keep up, so players shouldn’t be in a hurry. Committing so early essentially tells other schools who the competition is. Prospects are impulsive, they like the warm, fuzzy feeling of “the now,” but that wears off, and then you visit with other coaches and you love that school, too.

So don’t be in a hurry. If you are a great player, there will be a spot for you. Go to camps, go to combines, take unofficial visits, go to junior days. Do it all, but not just with one school.