#AskLoogs: Clowney best HS prospect?

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If you are just basing your opinion on pure talent, rare skill and unique measurables then yes, Jadeveon Clowney is superior to all others over the past eight high school classes we have evaluated. I’m not convinced, though, that Clowney was the most polished or ready to play at the time. Keep in mind, when Clowney entered college he was about 240 pounds and, as incredibly talented as he was as a pass rusher, he could be neutralized fairly easily. Teams ran right at him during his freshman year, and he had a hard time anchoring at the point of attack. He was a technically raw player and while he has improved in this area, he still is inconsistent when it comes to using his hands and having a plan on every down with a counter to that plan as well.

I would argue that Robert Nkemdiche is much more polished and college ready at the same stage but isn’t blessed with the rare measurables and pure talent Clowney has, but it is really close. WR Julio Jones, WR A.J. Green and 2014 recruits RB Leonard Fournette and OT Cameron Robinson are up there with Clowney and Nkemdiche in my opinion as being among the best we have evaluated.