ESPN 300 RB A.J. Turman set to announce

After wrapping up an outstanding high school career that includes 4,867 rushing yards and 55 touchdowns as a starter for more than three seasons, ESPN 300 prospect A.J. Turman (Orlando, Fla./Boone) felt he need not delay his commitment any longer. On Sunday, Turman told ESPN.com he intends to announce his decision Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in a downtown Orlando restaurant.

He was actually ready to announce his decision almost a month ago, but his parents advised him to wait.

“I wanted to get my decision done with three weeks ago and I had a good feeling about where I wanted to go, but I had not taken my final trip to Georgia yet,” Turman said. “My parents wanted to wait until after that trip to make my decision. I felt the same after the visit, so I figured since the season was over I should get it out of the way.”

Turman was in Athens on Nov. 3, the weekend Georgia took on Ole Miss. The 6-foot, 200-pound running back stayed on campus with his family until Monday morning, and upon his return, sat down with his parents to discuss his options. Turman says they helped him narrow it down by discussing the schools and coaches at each program.

Turman will choose between Auburn, FSU, Georgia, Miami and Tennessee. He said the struggles at Auburn and Tennessee will not have an effect on his decision. Turman, who had 1,245 yards and 15 touchdowns this season, believes he could earn carries quickly at a couple of his options.

“I feel like Auburn and FSU have the most appealing depth chart that I could get some early reps at,” Turman said. “Auburn, FSU and Georgia have told me I could play early. Well, really all of them.”

One assistant coach stands out because he has been recruiting the four-star running back since the beginning of his recruitment.

“I have the best relationship with Coach [Eddie] Gran at FSU because I have known him the longest and I am in contact with him all of the time,” Turman said. “He told me to really watch closely how they run the ball during the game against Clemson.”

None of his final five schools has given Turman a timetable for needing a decision, although he believes three programs have made a push for him recently.

“FSU, Georgia and Tennessee have been on me the hardest,” Turman said. “All of those schools are looking for two or three running backs, so they all said I could take as much time as I want to.”

Turman says he intends to call all of the schools Monday to let them know his decision.

“It will be hard to tell the schools no, but it will be helpful because they will know I am a good person and if I want to work as a graduate assistant in the future, they would be willing to help me,” Turman said.

As of now, Turman says he will only take an official visit to the school he selects.