Royce Freeman will take momentum into offseason

Junior running back Royce Freeman (Imperial, Calif./Imperial) saw his season end this past Friday night, but the 6-foot, 216-pound back could become a very intriguing recruit this offseason. He only recently sent out his highlight tape and didn't attend any school camps this past summer, but college coaches have taken notice. Freeman received his first scholarship offer, from Washington, earlier this month.

"They received information about me when they did their rounds in San Diego," Freeman said of the Huskies. "They watched my film and I called them. They told me they'd like to offer me a scholarship because they think I'm their caliber of player."

Freeman said his tape has also been sent to programs such as Notre Dame, Oregon and UCLA, but he has yet to receive serious interest from any other program. Though once word gets out about the season Freeman just turned in, it would be somewhat shocking if he didn't find himself on the recruiting board of more than a few West region programs.

The big back rushed for 2,482 and 34 touchdowns, caught 10 passes for 137 yards and two touchdowns, and tallied 22 tackles and two interceptions.

"Last year was my first season on varsity and I just tried to do my best," Freeman said. "This year they were telling me that I was breaking records. I don't know about all that. I just run. Overall, it's been a very eventful year."

Freeman didn't grow up with a favorite college team, and will go into the recruiting process completely open to any school that shows interest. He also believes that he can fit into any offense.

"I can be versatile," he said. "I can run hard and get those yards going forward. Just give me the ball and I'll try to make something happen."