Ohio Core 6: Five who boosted their stock

CLEVES, Ohio -- With several ESPN Watch List members on hand Sunday, the Ohio Core 6 Showcase packed the talent for the second time in a span of just a few weeks. There were some new names in the Cleves event that did not work out in Chicago, and they proved why they are deserving of their Watch List status.

Here is a look at five 2014 players who helped their stock on Sunday.

WR Dominique Booth (Indianapolis/Pike)

The offensive MVP of the combine, Booth caught everything thrown his way, and many of those passes were hardly in stride or without a defender closing in. At one point for four consecutive occasions, Booth went up against Gary (Ind.) West Side athlete Lonnie Johnson, who holds several offers, and Booth won each time. Booth showed off several different routes from posts to comebacks and looked good in every repetition.