#AskLoogs: How Grier fits at Florida

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Will Grier is a gun-slinging, instinctive player who has a very nice feel for the game. He is what college coaches want right now -- a passer who is more than athletic enough to be a significant runner within a scheme, but not THE runner within the scheme. What we mean by this is Grier possesses the skill set to buy time, create plays on his own, be a designated runner or run/pass threat on the perimeter, but is clearly a passer first. This allows for him to fit into almost any scheme. He is very similar to former Utah QB Alex Smith in this regard. As far as his place within the offense, it is unlikely Jeff Driskel will be healthy enough to participate in spring ball so he is going to get significant reps this offseason as a mid-year enrollee. Will Muschamp wanted more innovation from the passing game without sacrificing balance and the ability to run the football. This is why Kurt Roper is a nice fit here. It’s very hard to argue against the value of David Cutcliffe’s scheme and Roper has been schooled in it since the late ’90s. While they are not likely to become a heavy zone-read scheme, I would be willing to bet this will be part of the scheme to utilize the athleticism of the QB, which aids both Grier and Driskel. I would warn not to be too awed by the numbers of Grier. They are inflated due to his team’s strength, his skillset and a lack of real competitive field of play. I do not say this to diminish Grier’s ability level, but stats can be very deceiving and create false hype.