Ranking all 106 players in Super Bowl LI

Brady vs. Ryan: Who has the edge? (1:25)

Matt Ryan and Tom Brady were the two best quarterbacks in the NFL this season. Ryan accumulated some eye-popping stats, while Brady was unflappable in the clutch. So which one would you rather have in Super Bowl LI? (1:25)

The Super Bowl LI matchup is set, and now it's time to assess how the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons measure up against each other.

With the use of Pro Football Focus' play-by-play grading over the 2016 season, as well as a look back into the PFF grading archives, we ranked the rosters of both teams from top to bottom -- all 106 players -- and combined them, focusing heavily on each player's performance over the 2016 season.

No. 1 on the list is a quarterback with four Super Bowl rings:

1.Tom Brady, QB

PFF grade: 99.5 | Position rank: 1

In 2016, Brady earned the highest-ever grade on PFF's 0-100 scale. That is based on his throw-by-throw performance, which included the highest percentage of big-time throws and lowest percentage of turnover-worthy plays in the league. He was the NFL's best player.