Jets' Revis says he stopped Moss last time

FOXBOROUGH -- Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis' matchup with Randy Moss is naturally a top storyline this week. Revis covered Moss in the Sept. 20 meeting between the teams and Moss finished with four receptions for 24 yards.

After that game, Moss said that any cornerback would fare that well with safety help over the top.

Those remarks were contested by Revis on Wednesday, who said he viewed them somewhat as a lack of respect.

"Everybody saw the game, everybody knew I was in man coverage, and that was the case," Revis said. "He was supposed to say that, because that wasn't his day. He got shut out and frustrated about it, which is cool."

There seems to be a difference in opinion on the type of coverage against Moss, depending on which team is talking.

Earlier on Wednesday, coach Bill Belichick was asked about Revis' performance against Moss in that Sept. 20 game and said: "They played a lot of over-the-top coverage with Revis and [Kerry] Rhodes. Not always, but quite a bit."

Revis said he has nothing against Moss and still considers him one of the best receivers in the league. "When we go up against each other, it's great competition," he said.

Revis pointed out that the Patriots are doing different things with Moss than they were earlier in the season, such as playing him more in the slot, so it's harder to get a jam on him.