Capers reflects on time with Patriots

ARLINGTON, Texas -- At one point during Green Bay Packers "Media Day" this morning, defensive coordinator Dom Capers was facing a Boston-based blitz.

Reporters from the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and ESPN Boston surrounded him, asking him about his experience as a Patriots assistant in 2008.

Capers, who in 25 years coaching in the NFL has made it to his first Super Bowl, had only good things to say.

"I enjoyed it," he said. "My feeling going there was nobody in the league had done it better than Bill Belichick and the Patriots over 10 years. It was a real positive experience to go in and work for Bill and watch the way he does things."

Capers had been Steelers defensive coordinator when Bill Belichick was Browns head coach in the early 1990s, and the two had mutual respect from those years.

Capers is a popular story here at the Super Bowl, especially when it comes to his connection to the Steelers and defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau (they were old roommates).

But for those from Boston, the primary interest was Patriots-related.

What did he learn most about Belichick from his one year in New England?

"He's very bright and he has a vision of what he wants it to look like, and he has the control to implement that vision," Capers said. "I just think he is an outstanding football coach.

"You look at their team and the way they've transitioned their team. They are actually a young team now and they have a whole bunch of draft picks coming into this draft. That's all part of the plan."