Brady would welcome Moss return

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he spoke with wide receiver Randy Moss just before the start of training camp this season and, asked about a report that Moss would be interested in coming out of retirement to play for the Patriots again, Brady said he'd be open to that idea.

"Would it surprise me? You never know in the NFL," Brady told Boston sports radio WEEI (850 AM) during his weekly call-in after being asked if he'd be surprised to be throwing passes to Moss again in the future. "I talked to Randy just before the start of training camp. I love Randy, he's one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the game, one of the greater players I've ever had the chance to play with. Unfortunately, I don’t make personnel decisions. If I did, I'd still have all my friends here -- Troy [Brown], David Patten, Deion [Branch] never would have left. I've seen so many guys move on, then guys come back. Who knows? You never know what situation we’ll be in here next week, for that matter.

"I can't get into [Moss's] brain at all. I love the guy. He's a great friend of mine. If he ever did have the opportunity to come back, I'd certainly welcome it with open arms."

Brady touched on a variety of topics, including the health of Peyton Manning, the maddeningly slow pace of baseball, the upcoming Bill Belichick documentary on the NFL Network, and the Patriots' Week 1 battle against the Miami Dolphins.

How different is preparation for the regular season and preseason? Brady said that he watched maybe an hour of film on an opponent during the exhibition season, but with eyes towards next Monday's season-opener in Miami, he's already dipped into the archives to watch nine Patriots-Dolphins games.

"In preseason games, you probably watch, over the course of the week, maybe an hour of film on the opponent," said Brady. "You don’t even get a feel for players or the scheme. You just see some basic things and talk about them very basically. When playing the Dolphins, I've gone back through the last few years of notes I’ve taken. I've seen nine games. You take all these notes, you get into the details of the coverage, the details of the players... It's very, very different. Every play we will run has a specific reason. In the preseason, a lot of plays you're running are to run them, because you ran them in practice against the Patriots defense. You just don’t have the time in the preseason to try to install plays, work on individual schemes. You're not scheming up for a particular defense.

"That’s why everyone loved turning the page on the preseason. You really feel more confident going into the game, knowing the type of things you need to do to get the ball in the end zone."

A few more highlights from Brady's call. Hop HERE to listen to the full interview:

On Manning's injury situation: "He’s one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. If he’s not on the field, it’s tough for the league. You'd love to see the best players on the field, but injuries are a part of this game. It's a physical game... I hope he’s out there, I hope he plays well. He’s a friend of mine -- not when he plays us -- but he’s been out there for every game [of his pro career]... [Like what] Brett Favre did, it's remarkable because of how hard it is to answer the ball each time there's a game. It’s just as much mental toughness as physical toughness. [Manning is] as mentally tough as anyone."

On Brian Waters and if he likes a 'nasty' style of line play: "Heck, yeah. That whole front 5, the nastier they are, the more intimidating they are -- Logan [Mankins] doesn’t take any crap from anybody, neither does Matt Light, [who was] throwing punches at Channing Crowder [in 2008]. Brian's the same way. They have an edge to them and that’s what makes those guys successful. When they take the field, they don’t take any crap."

On Belichick being funny behind the scenes: "You don’t expect a lot that comes out of his mouth. But I've heard his jokes for 12 years now and they come at the same time each year. But he is a funny guy, a good sense of humor. He's witty, smart, [and] always on top of things. Whenever he does let his guard down, he can be pretty funny."