Branch: TD celebrations Gronk's idea

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski drew nearly as much attention for his touchdown celebrations as he did for his eight-catch, 146-yard effort during the team's Week 8 victory over the St. Louis Rams in London.

After paying homage to the Buckingham Palace Guard following his first touchdown, Gronkowski initiated a hip-swiveling move while holding the football above his head after his second score.

He said after the game that he received the idea from teammate Deion Branch.

On Tuesday, the veteran Branch relived the celebrations during an interview on WEEI, and said the idea was all Gronkowski's.

"I don't know, I don't know," Branch said with a hearty laugh after being asked what exactly Gronkowski's second celebration entailed. "Me and Rob talk about all kinds of crazy stuff, but that was one of the -- he caught me off guard. He caught me off guard.

"We were sitting in the locker room, talking about what kind of celebration we were doing and he was playing around. That was Rob's idea man," Branch said with continued laughter. "We talked about a lot of different things, I don't think I mentioned that one."

Branch delivered an assessment of the two celebrations, giving the slight edge to the second one.

"The first was great. That was one of the things he'd been thinking about," he continued. "And then the second one was, that one was even better, because it was outside of Rob's box. And he hit it. And the fans loved it."

As for the more pertinent on-field product, Branch said that the team's offensive performance in Week 8 was not about exposing a weakness that they saw in St. Louis during film study, but rather a matter of execution.

"I wouldn't say that. It was all about us," Branch noted. "We put in the preparation, the coaches put a great game plan together and it was all about us going out and executing. And we did it. This is the type of team that we know we can be if we just go out and do our job. We have eight more games left in the regular season, and this is what we're shooting for every single week."

He says that type of performance is what his team expects every time it takes the field.

"This is the stuff that I talk to you all about week-in, week-out. This is, what we displayed on Sunday, is what we expect from our team," Branch said. "It still wasn't perfect, but it was a great complementary game that we played. I would say from the third quarter there was a couple plays that we wished we could get back, but overall, those guys get paid as well. They do a good job of stopping us, and they did a couple times. Overall, I think we played a great game."