Patriots Draft Special: Class of 2012

In the first in a series of video segments from our annual Patriots Draft Special, ESPN’s Mike Reiss, Tedy Bruschi and Trevor Matich review the 2012 draft class. Here are a few quick hits from the nearly 6-minute segment (embedded above):

* Bruschi on defensive lineman Chandler Jones: “He started out with a splash. I think that staying healthy and realizing the length of the season and stating to understand how much he’ll be depended on (will be important in Year 2). You’re the pass rusher, you’re the guy, the No. 1 guy that teams will be not only looking to scheme against but the Patriots will be looking to you to be productive in terms of sack numbers.”

* Reiss on linebacker Dont'a Hightower: “The question to me is can he stay on the field on third down? He’s a solid defender against the run, first and second down, but when they go to those sub packages, can he hang?”

* Matich on safety Tavon Wilson: “He’ll have an opportunity to either really rise up or really be discarded, depending on whether he can learn (to not make the same mistakes he made last season).”