Game slowing down for Tavon Wilson

PAWTUCKET, R.I. -- For New England Patriots safety Tavon Wilson, throwing out the first pitch at Tuesday night's Pawtucket Red Sox game was not only a change of scenery, but also his first time attending a professional baseball game.

His goal?

"Just try to get it down to home plate," Wilson said.

Things weren't much different on the football field last summer, when Wilson was learning the ropes of the Patriots defense after being drafted in the second round.

"Last year I was just focused on doing my job and knowing what I've got to do," Wilson said. "But now I focus on more what the offense is giving me, and taking more in pre-snap before the play begins. I think that helps a lot."

Wilson saw extensive reps during Tuesday's organized team activity, playing alongside veteran Steve Gregory for much of the practice.

"The game has slowed down for me a little bit," Wilson said. "I think as I get better and learn more, it will continue to slow down for me."

Guiding Wilson into his second season is 33-year-old veteran Adrian Wilson, although the possibility of the two Wilsons competing for playing time is something worth monitoring.

"I'm very fortunate to have Adrian around and be able to ask him questions. He's been able to answer some of my questions," Wilson said. "But I still have to do things on my own and feel my way through because you can't really trade for experience. The more experience I get, the better I'll be."

The elder Wilson brings a veteran presence to the defense, something that has changed the complexion of the secondary.

"Our group this year is a lot older than it was a year ago. I'm still pretty much one of the younger guys in the group," Wilson said. "I help guys when they come up to me and ask questions but I'm still fairly new myself so I'm still looking up to older guys myself."