Bill Belichick on keeping two QBs

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Speaking with reporters for the first time since making roster moves that included the release of quarterback Tim Tebow, coach Bill Belichick briefly touched on the decision to go with just two quarterbacks on the roster. In the process, he didn't rule out a potential Tebow return.

Here is the Q&A:

This marks the fourth time in the last five years that you’ll carry just 2 quarterbacks. In the media, we spent more time focusing on the No. 3 than past years. What led to the decision to conclude that two QBs was best for the team?

“Because we thought it was the best decision to make for the team. There are a million things that go into every personnel decision. There are a lot of things that play off one another. In the end, we do what we thought was best for the team -- at every position. Every one.”

Would it be fair to say that the door wouldn’t be closed for Tebow to come back if things change over the course of the year?

“I don’t know what’s going to happen during the year, but certainly we’ve had a lot of players that have left here and come back here. I don’t think that would be any ... it’s already happened multiple times this year, so.”