Ups and downs for the Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- An initial look at New England Patriots players whose performance was in the "up" category and those at the opposite end of the spectrum following a 13-10 victory over the New York Jets:


Steve Gregory: Safety has been a solid tackler, and shows up with solid support against the run.

Julian Edelman: With Danny Amendola sidelined, Edelman steps up and is Tom Brady's most reliable and consistent target.

Aqib Talib: Cornerback intercepts two passes and forces a fumble that sets up a field goal.


Aaron Dobson: Rookie receiver scores a touchdown on his first career play, but also has a dropped ball on a long pass and can't get on the same page with Brady.

Jerod Mayo: Linebacker looks like he's a step behind in coverage.

Brandon Spikes: Linebacker struggles in coverage and isn't a big factor against the run.