Follow-up thoughts on Tom Brady

A few follow-up thoughts on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady landing on the injury report Thursday, with limited participation, due to his right shoulder:

A reminder of where we've been: "Brady, right shoulder, probable" has been a mainstay on the Patriots' injury report over the years, so this is nothing new. It's just the first time we've seen it this season. The superstitious types sometimes point to the 2008 season opener, when Brady tore his ACL on the 15th offensive play, and remind us that the Patriots hadn't put Brady on the injury report for that game. That's how commonplace Brady's presence on the report was at that time.

Assessing any reason for concern: It's more of an instinct than anything concrete, but this seems to be more of a management issue than anything else; just limiting throws at this time of year, as the number of times Brady has thrown has added up since the start of training camp in late July. Much like a pitcher in baseball, sometimes less can be more in between starts.

Brady on his health: During his weekly interview Monday on radio station WEEI in Boston, Brady -- who was seen looking down at his right hand at times during Sunday's loss -- was asked about his health. "I'm like everybody, there's just bumps and bruises that happen over the course of the football season," he said, not denying there was something potentially bothering him. "We'll just get treatment like always, be out there, and try to go out and execute as well as I can next week. It's just part of football."

Perhaps a subtle tweak to the NFL: Brady's inclusion on the injury report comes five days after the Pats were victimized by the first-ever penalty called for pushing on a field goal attempt. The rule is new for 2013, and it seems safe to assume Bill Belichick isn't thrilled about an apparent breakdown in the process between when the rule was proposed, how it was initially explained to coaches and teams, and how it ultimately wound up being written in the rulebook. Belichick hasn't shied from tweaking the NFL in the past (references to the "experts" on the competition committee come to mind), and we know how he feels about the injury report. Would Belichick add Brady to the injury report for the first time this season with the idea of a subtle tweak at the NFL? Just thinking out loud here.