Should Amendola's mentality change?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- In the aftermath of New England Patriots receiver Danny Amendola sustaining a concussion on an end-around Oct. 13 against the New Orleans Saints, some have suggested that perhaps Amendola would benefit from altering his mentality to protect himself more.

Count former St. Louis Rams general manager and current ESPN analyst Billy Devaney (who signed Amendola in St. Louis) among those who believe he should do so.

“He’s got to realize he’s 180 pounds,” Devaney said on ESPN the day after the hit, according to the Boston Herald. “He’s not 225 pounds. I saw that hit. I thought ‘Come on, Danny. You could have gotten out of bounds. You didn’t have to take that big hit.’

“He plays the game all-out. He throws himself around. His injuries aren’t tissue tears (except for a 2013 groin injury). They’re bones, just coming from the way he plays the game. You love the competitiveness, but sometimes you got to back off a little bit.”

That thought process was brought up to Amendola on Friday, and while he understands it, he doesn't necessarily plan to embrace it.

"Is it going to change the way I play? Probably not," he said of the concussion. "I'm not going to change, because you have to think [about that specifically during a play]. There's not a lot of thinking going on out there; there's a lot of reacting and a lot of fast-twitch stuff. I feel like I'm going to play as smart as I can and as aggressive as I can, and whatever happens, happens."

Recapping the end-around in which he sustained the concussion on a hit by Saints safety Rafael Bush, Amendola was asked if he could have done anything differently.

"The angle that we hit each other, if I would have gone out of bounds, I would have had to lose yards or go sideways, and I'm not really interested in that ... you're cutting the corner and trying to get as many yards as you can, and really not worried about much else -- you're worried about protecting the ball and flying through there as fast as you can go," he said.

"It's kind of one of those deals and he kind of just hit me on the button. But I feel fine."