Sopoaga meets media for first time

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Veteran defensive tackle Isaac Sopoaga arrived in the Patriots' locker room on Wednesday afternoon and noticed a big crowd of media members surrounding his locker. That's when he made a slight diversion to the door, faking as if he was leaving.

"Fine, you all can have my locker!" he shouted out, drawing laughter from reporters.

Sopoaga's arrival came as the media-access period was ending, so his remarks were brief. To accommodate the big crowd, he stepped onto a riser so all television cameras could see him as he spoke.

Sopoaga, who wore a blue Patriots sweatshirt, was initially asked his reaction to the trade, and he answered with more general opening remarks.

"First things first, I would like to say aloha and Talofa, and also give thanks to our graciously heavenly Father for everything He is doing for us individually and our family. And also, thank you for the New England Patriots; today is my daughter's fourth birthday and I feel like yesterday was my birthday when I found out that New England called me. Basically, I am enjoying it and love it. Thank you."

Sopoaga was asked to walk reporters through the events of the past 24 hours.

"You all know the meaning of the word 'hectic', right? I found out yesterday. I was with the Eagles and then I had to drive to South Jersey to pack my stuff and get ready. On the highway, even though it was like a 50 [miles per hour] limit, us Samoan people go double the speed limit," he cracked.

Sopoaga then talked about how he was surprised at the trade, before sharing his thoughts on the Patriots.

"It's like a dream come true, to be honest. Respect these guys," he said, pointing out the franchise's three Super Bowl championships. "It's just an awesome feeling."

He finished with this: "You just have to win."