Williams faces suit after alleged assault

Patriots wide receive LaQuan Williams, signed to the team last week, is being sued after an alleged incident outside of a Washington, D.C., strip club, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The report states that Williams faces a civil suit seeking $1 million in compensatory damages in addition to $6 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages from Williams and Anthony McCrae, an area police officer.

The incident arose after Williams and a group of roughly 30 acquaintances were asked to leave the club due to the use of illegal substances, including marijuana.

The suit, filed by Owen Collier Jr. and Anthony Smart, a security guard at the strip club, reads:

"They were escorted outside into the parking lot area by the club's security personnel where defendant LaQuan Williams assaulted and battered a member of the security team, plaintiff Anthony Smart," the lawsuit alleges. "Defendant LaQuan Williams assaulted and punched Smart. He did so intentionally, with malice and without provocation. ... Other members of defendant Williams' entourage then attacked security personnel who attempted to assist Mr. Smart."

The lawsuit claims that the incident, which did not result in any criminal charges, induced serious injuries to Collier, including traumatic brain injury.

The report states that the Patriots had no comment on the matter at this time and that an initial hearing for the lawsuit has been scheduled for Jan. 31, 2014.