Week 17 AFC playoff scenarios

The Patriots will kick off with the Bills later this afternoon for their regular-season finale, with a win clinching at least a top-two seed in the AFC.

We’ll have a better idea of exactly how the AFC postseason picture will look by kickoff, however, and below is a snapshot of the AFC playoff standings leading into Week 17 and the various possibilities for the Patriots.

Division leaders

1. z - Denver: 12-3 (clinched top-two seed)

2. z - New England: 11-4

3. z - Cincinnati: 10-5

4. z - Indianapolis: 10-5

(z = clinched division)

Wild-card leaders

5. x - Kansas City: 11-4

6. Baltimore: 8-7

(x = clinched playoff berth)

In the hunt

7. Miami: 8-7

8. San Diego: 8-7

9. Pittsburgh: 7-8

Week 17 scenarios:

The Patriots can clinch the first seed with: a win and a Broncos loss

The Patriots can clinch at least the second seed with: a win or a Bengals loss and a Colts loss

The Patriots would earn the third seed with: a loss and a Bengals win or Colts a win

The Patriots would earn the fourth seed with: a loss and a Bengals win and a Colts win