Talib to Cole: 'Cash that check, baby'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib doesn’t hold it against former teammate Marquice Cole for signing with the Denver Broncos in advance of Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

In fact, he’s thrilled for him.

“That’s my dog,” Talib said, before wishing Cole good luck. "Cash that check, baby. Got to pay the bills, man.”

Cole will earn $42,000 this week, which is the standard playoff share for each player. If the Broncos advance to the Super Bowl and win, he would earn an additional $92,000. If the Broncos advance to the Super Bowl and lose, he would earn an additional $46,000.

The Patriots released Cole on Dec. 26 after he played in 13 games for them this season. A popular player nicknamed "Quice" by teammates, his locker had remained intact for the last few weeks, but was cleaned out on Wednesday.

Asked about the possibility that Cole could provide the Broncos valuable information, Talib said, "Quice can't tell Peyton Manning nothing that Peyton Manning doesn't already know about us."