Fourteen years later, Pats well positioned

Since 2010, 23 of the NFL franchises have made at least one head coaching change.

Since 2000, 32 of the NFL franchises have made a head coaching change, as it was on Jan. 27, 2000 that the Patriots hired Bill Belichick, the man who continues to patrol the sidelines to this day.

Fourteen years and one day later, the Patriots are unquestionably in better shape with Belichick at the helm, as he's guided them to one of finest decade-plus runs in NFL history.

During a time when teams are often turning toward change in the front office or on their coaching staffs as the remedy for poor seasons, Belichick remains the model of consistency and longevity among coaches. He's had just one losing season during his Patriots' tenure and has won the division 11 times.

With the Patriots knocked out of the playoffs last weekend in Denver, this represents a quieter time on the calendar for the coaching staff, with many assistants being given time off this week to be away from the office.

While Jan. 27, 2014 was a quiet day at Gillette Stadium, that same date 14 years prior is one that will not soon be forgotten for the impact it has had on the franchise.