What about Cappelletti for Hall?

In a column now posted on ESPN.com, NFL Nation Raiders reporter Paul Gutierrez writes on the voting process for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The headline to the piece is, "Hall process a bittersweet, broken affair?"

As part of putting the piece together, Gutierrez asked fellow team-based reporters who might be viewed as the biggest snub from the club they cover.

I picked Gino Cappelletti for the Patriots.

I'm not a big "Hall of Fame guy" and generally shy away from debate on the topic. But I have wondered in recent years, especially when looking at some of the seniors nominees, why Cappelletti hasn't generated more momentum.

He played for the Patriots from 1960-70 and was a five-time AFL all-star. He was the AFL's Most Valuable Player in 1964 and is one of just three players to appear in every game in the AFL's history. He was a true football player in the sense that he caught passes and also was the team's accurate kicker.

I obviously wasn't around in that era but have heard the stories of Cappelletti's greatness.

Maybe it's time the seniors committee hears some of them, too.