Marrone on Pepper: Brings a lot to Bills

INDIANAPOLIS -- Former Patriots linebackers coach Pepper Johnson didn't last long on the open market after departing the organization following 14 years with the team on Bill Belichick's staff.

He was hired by the Bills to serve as Doug Marrone's defensive line coach, a position he previously held for the Patriots.

On Thursday, Marrone dished on the decision to hire Johnson earlier this offseason.

"I always admired Pepper and again, when we used to play -- again it goes back to the same thing, the tape never lies," he said. "When we used to play New England and Pepper was the defensive line coach, I thought those guys did a great job up front."

One of the unique aspects to Johnson's coaching career has been his ability to draw on his playing experience, as he was a standout linebacker that often assumed a position of leadership with his team.

"Obviously we know a lot about him as a player," Marrone added. "I think he brings a lot to our organization, someone that's obviously been a part of five Super Bowls, has a great intensity about himself, was a great pro and I think he'll bring a lot to our football team not only in the classroom but some of the stuff on the field and off the field as this league continues to grow."