Explaining Schiano's presence with Pats

INDIANAPOLIS -- During the NFL Network broadcast of Saturday's on-field workouts at the NFL combine, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was shown communicating with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach and good friend Greg Schiano in the Patriots' designated box.

The snapshot has sparked some curiosity about Schiano and whether the Patriots may be adding him to the coaching staff.

Our understanding of the situation is this: Schiano, who will continue to be paid by the Buccaneers for three more seasons, has a son who will graduate high school in 2015.

Rather than uprooting his family entering his son's final year in high school, Schiano's current plan is to stay in Tampa Bay and not officially work in the NFL this season.

Now, does that mean Schiano won't be close to the game? Likely, no. He's a trusted voice for Belichick, as was evidenced by the appearance in Indianapolis.

Much like Belichick stayed in contact with Mike Lombardi when Lombardi was out of football, he can continue to do so with Schiano.

And while Schiano would bring value to the Patriots' staff if he was added to it, don't count on that this season.