Grimes' market relative to Talib

The Dolphins signing cornerback Brent Grimes to a contract extension Monday is the first domino to fall in a market with several top players. The financial terms, per ESPN's Adam Schefter, are as follows:

Years: 4

Total value: $32 million

Bonuses/guarantees: $16 million

There are still a few more details that would help us gain a better understanding of the deal, such as how much of the bonuses/guarantees are paid up front and how much of the bonus/guaranteed money is deferred.

But from an average-per-year standpoint ($8 million) and a bonuses/guarantees standpoint ($16 million), the initial details of the deal come in a bit higher than I would have originally thought. After a softer cornerback market in 2013, Grimes' deal -- per this initial report -- looks strong.

My initial reaction is that the price for Talib just went up a bit based on where I thought it might be.

I think the Patriots would do this type of deal for Talib if the $16 million in bonuses/guarantees was split into multiple parts -- such as $6 million up front, $5 million in a 2015 option bonus and another $5 million in 2016. The idea would be to protect against injury concerns and not have the full total of bonuses/guarantees paid up front where all the risk falls on the team side.

If another team was willing to pay more of it up front, I could see that being a deal-breaker from the Patriots' perspective.