Gathering opinions on Aqib Talib

A sampling of opinion from the Web and Twitter on cornerback Aqib Talib defecting from the Patriots to the Broncos:

1. Risky move for Denver. Pete Prisco, NFL columnist for CBSSports.com, gives the signing a grade of "C-plus" for the Broncos. "Money is outrageous," Prisco writes. "But they had a glaring need. He's a good player, a good man cover corner, when he's healthy. But he missed time last season. This is a bit risky, but could pay off."

2. Patriots in a tough spot. Peter King of TheMMQB.com highlights how the Patriots are in a difficult spot at cornerback and might be forced to get into the Darrelle Revis bidding. "The Patriots, who have a terrible time hanging onto top free agents and lost Talib on day one of the market, could try to convince Revis to come over to the dark side in New England after he spent the first six years of his career with the Jets. Revis swears he won’t take a pay cut. We shall see," King writes.

3. Big time roll of the dice. Greg A. Bedard of TheMMQB.com tweets: "Liked the TJ Ward signing by the Broncos a lot more. They're rolling dice big time on Talib. It's either a genius move, or will blow up."

4. Front-office view. Charley Casserly of NFL Network, on the "NFL-AM" show, talks about the move from a "buyer beware" perspective. Casserly calls Talib an "excellent press corner" while noting he's missed time with injuries. But he called him the "best corner in free agency."

5. Redskins bowed out. Mike Jones of the Washington Post details how the Redskins had to bow out of the bidding as the price for Talib escalated.

6. Reality/alternate reality. Chris Chase of USAToday.com, via ForTheWin.com, plays the reality/alternate reality game and writes: "If we could interrupt the planning of next year’s Super Bowl parade in Denver: Giving Aqib Talib $26 million guaranteed is nuts. It might work, but it’s risky, like betting-on-Peyton-in-the-Super-Bowl risky."

7. Patriots' hands tied by Hernandez? Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com runs through the scenarios of why the Patriots couldn't match the contract for Talib, writing: "The Patriots never could have given Talib the contract he has received in Denver, not in the wake of the decision to give millions to tight end Aaron Hernandez months before he landed in jail while awaiting murder charges."

8. Jets have to play keepaway from Patriots. With Talib landing in Denver, Gary Myers of the New York Daily News writes the Jets have to ensure that Revis doesn't land in New England.

9. Formula works for Broncos. Dan Wetzel, award-winning columnist for Yahoo!, highlights John Elway's aggressive approach. "For the Broncos this is addition (Denver’s) and subtraction (New England’s)," he writes.

10. Aggressive move -- on and off the field. On NFL Network's "Total Access" program, analysts Shaun O'Hara and LaDainian Tomlinson call it a "great fit" for Denver while highlighting Talib's physical play. "He's going to bring an unbelievable sense of aggressiveness to that secondary," O'Hara said.