Lighter moments with Bill Belichick

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Bill Belichick chatted with reporters for about 45 minutes at Tuesday's AFC Coaches Breakfast and the Q&A was most expansive when the subject was rule proposals and football concepts, and light on specifics as it related to the New England Patriots.

We'll get to all that shortly, but before we do, let's recap some of the lighter moments as Belichick arrived, placed his Florida Gators visor on the table, and mentioned that eating breakfast wasn't on his agenda.

"How are we doing here?" he asked the media crowd that included five cameras (one live-streaming the breakfast online) and at least 20 reporters crowded around. "A lot more [sun] here than we have in Boston."

On the cost issue of the NFL potentially installing cameras at all boundary lines to aid instant replay: "We just spent however many millions of dollars on the replay system. I mean, there are 1,000 cameras in every stadium, so if somebody spills a beer on somebody, we have it on record, right? Maybe we could have a bake sale to raise some money for the cameras. We could do a car wash."

On supporting the Florida Gators basketball team: "Shout out to Billy [Donovan] here. Going to the Sweet 16."

On why he was the only coach not present for Monday's traditional photo: "I missed it. Maybe they can photoshop me in there."

While Belichick had a few witty one-liners ready, there was one point where he trended in the other direction. Asked if there was a timetable for tight end Rob Gronkowski's return, Belichick said, "Are you seriously asking that question?"

He wasn't smiling at that point.