Video: Panel discussion on Pats' O-line

In breaking down the New England Patriots' offensive line, our NFL experts -- Field Yates, Mike Reiss, Tedy Bruschi and Trevor Matich -- point out some potential issues.

One of the most pressing concerns, says Tedy Bruschi, is the loss of O-Line coach Dante Scarnecchia.

"When you're coaching the offensive line, you've got to coordinate these five guys, and Dante Scarnecchia was very good at it," says Bruschi.

"I think more than any positional group, this is the group to watch early on in the season, if they [are affected] by the loss of Dante Scarnecchia, because I would anticipate a little bit of a drop initially because of the loss of the coaching pedigree of a Dante Scarnecchia."

While the starting trio of interior O-linemen is solid, with Ryan Wendell (re-signed to a two-year deal), Dan Connolly and Logan Mankins, some wonder if the Patriots can do better.

"I think there are some questions as to whether or not they could find a superior player to Wendell, who's more of a scrapper, a technician, a guy who in NFL terms is undersized -- he's only 298 pounds," says Yates. "So there's an opportunity for them to possibly not just find a starter for this year, but they're always looking to add depth for future years."