A feel for the 198th draft pick

The Patriots have the following draft picks in 2014:

1. 29th overall

2. 62nd overall

3. 93rd overall

4a. 130th overall

4b. 140th overall (compensatory, can't be traded)

6a. 198th overall (from Eagles)

6b. 206th overall

7. 244th overall

Highlighting some of the recent players picked in the 198th spot:

2013: DT Chris Jones (Texans)

2012: WR Tommy Streeter (Ravens)

2011: S Tyler Sash (Giants)

2010: WR David Gettis (Panthers)

2009: LS Jake Ingram (Patriots)

2008: QB Andre Woodson (Giants)

2007: C Doug Datish (Falcons)

2006: C Greg Eslinger (Broncos)

2005: TE Joel Dreessen (Jets)

2004: S Keith Lewis (49ers)

2003: LB Cato June (Colts)

2002: LB Tyreo Harrison (Eagles)

ANALYSIS: The Patriots have some recent history at this spot, as they received a solid 2013 season from Chris Jones after claiming him on waivers (the Texans waived Jones and then the Buccaneers picked him up before waiving him so the Patriots could pounce). The Patriots also targeted Hawaii's Jake Ingram as its top-rated snapper in 2009 at this spot to fill the void created by Lonie Paxton's departure, but that didn't work out. Joel Dreessen (2005) and Cato June (2003) are the other notable success stories at 198. Overall, though, it seems fair to say the Patriots would prefer to be at 199. They've had some pretty good success there (Tom Brady, 2000).