Kraft talks draft, Boston as possible host

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft reiterated remarks from last month that he would support the possibility of Boston hosting the NFL draft.

"That's a decision for Mayor Walsh, who has called me and said he is very interested in it. He has had his staff working with the NFL and we'd love to see it happen," Kraft relayed Monday. "It's about 'do we have the proper venue in the city of Boston?' and what it would be for tourism and the so-called sizzle factor."

Boston isn't alone in its interest to host the NFL draft.

"I know they are seriously considering L.A. and Chicago as geographically well-suited to do this," Kraft said, confirming a report from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. "But I think now there is some consideration for maybe even splitting the draft into two parts and doing it in different cities and moving it around. So it’s all under exploration now."