Leftover soundbites from Pats players

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Five leftover soundbites of from the first day of the Patriots' three-day mandatory minicamp:

S Devin McCourty (on taking on a leadership role): "I think all the older guys have something to give back to the younger guys. It's key to help the younger guys, and also, a guy like me that's played a lot of football here, to help guys like the Revises and Browners and those guys who are getting out here for the first time in our defense trying to give them a heads-up on some things, and trying to make sure I communicate to those guys so they get it. For some of us, it's the eighth or 10th time we've heard something. For them, it's the first or second time. So it's just making sure they get it."

DT Tommy Kelly (on first-round pick DL Dominique Easley): "He's working, just like I am, stacking days. The knee is going to be all right. He's a very hard worker. When he gets out here, I guess I'll be just as excited as y'all."

DE Chandler Jones (on DE Rob Ninkovich): "Rob Ninkovich is like a best friend, like a brother and also like a father as well. He's been in the system for a long time, longer than I have. Any questions I have, when I don't feel like asking the coach, I'll ask Rob. So he's like a coach as well."

WR Josh Boyce (on his second year in the offense): "Not that I didn't know the playbook [in 2013], but I think I'm playing faster and I'm not thinking as much. When the play is called, I just go out there and do my job instead of wondering what I got."

McCourty (on the NBA playoffs): "I'm not a Heat fan, so I was rooting [for] everyone they played."