Rob Gronkowski fined for throwing Sergio Brown 'out of the club'

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was fined $8,268 on Friday for shoving the Indianapolis Colts' Sergio Brown out of bounds and to the ground Sunday night, an action he later described as tossing the safety “out of the club.”

Gronk was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting on the play, which came as he was blocking Brown on a fourth-quarter Jonas Gray touchdown run. Gronkowski lined up on the left side of the line and plowed into Brown, driving him out of bounds into the area where camera operators stand.

"He was just yappin' at me the whole time," Gronkowski told NBCSN after the game. "So I took him and threw him out of the club. I was the bouncer, picked him up and tossed him out of the club on that one touchdown. So that was perfect."