LeGarrette Blount's carry-the-pile run sparks Mark Bavaro memories

Belichick and Blount share special moment (0:42)

Mike Reiss shares the moment Bill Belichick and LeGarrette Blount had with each other after the Patriots' victory over the Steelers. (0:42)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- When New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount rumbled 18 yards in the third quarter of Sunday's AFC Championship Game, carrying multiple Pittsburgh Steelers defenders along for the ride, it brought back 30-year-old memories for coach Bill Belichick.

"It was different but kind of reminiscent of the [Mark] Bavaro play in San Francisco," Belichick said Monday on his standard day-after-game conference call. "You don't see that very often, but it's a great look at determination and toughness and just running with a purpose."

The Bavaro play referenced by Belichick happened Dec. 1, 1986 and is considered one of the top plays in Giants history, as it came during the team's first Super Bowl season. Bavaro dragged multiple 49ers defenders, including future Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, down the field.

As for Blount's hard-charging run, which was aided by some offensive linemen pushing the pile, Belichick noted that it energized "the whole stadium, too."

"That was a great play," Belichick said. "We know LeGarrette is that kind of back. He’s a big back. He’s a horse. He can carry some guys with him and make tough yards, but that was kind of a tone-tempo-setting play that was, again, different but kind of similar to the play he had versus Miami where he hurdled [Reshad] Jones on the sideline.

"He’s got some very aggressive running plays that are kind of characteristic of him, and when you see one like that it puts a lot of energy in the team, the sideline, and like I said, really the entire stadium."