Dwayne Allen on showing frustration: 'I know I can play better'

New Patriots tight end Dwayne Allen has had a few missed connections in mandatory minicamp practices the past two days. Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- There was a drill during New England Patriots mandatory minicamp practice Wednesday in which quarterback Tom Brady threw to his receivers, tight ends and running backs in the end zone against air (no defense).

Still, not every pass resulted in a connection.

On one of them, Brady was looking for tight end Dwayne Allen in the back left-hand corner of the end zone. The throw appeared to be a little high but still catchable, and Allen was frustrated in not coming down with it.

As Allen returned to the line of scrimmage, Brady stretched his arms out while flashing his hands up, almost as if to show Allen how the quarterback would advise him to make the catch.

These are the fine details and fundamentals that players work on in June so they hopefully show up in July and August training camp practices -- and, of course, into the regular season.

After practice, Allen -- who has earned a reputation among Indianapolis Colts reporters as a stand-up guy -- shared his frustration over some things that have unfolded on the practice field. In Tuesday’s rainy practice, specifically, he dropped a couple of passes.

“There’s a standard of excellence, so if you drop a pass, that’s not excellence,” Allen said.

After Allen scored a touchdown in Tuesday’s practice, he threw the ball into the air, which he described as a way to release his frustration.

“It’s always frustrating when you don’t do your best, whenever you don’t play to the standard that is set here,” he said. “That’s exactly what that was, a lot of frustration, because I know I can play better.”