Mom surprises Tom Brady by showing up at camp practice

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's smile at the end of Tuesday's practice seemed to stretch from end zone to end zone. The presence of his family, including his mother Galynn, had a lot to do with that.

Brady spent time with his family on the field after the session, sharing an embrace with his mother before jogging off to the locker room.

The visit was part of a belated birthday present.

Tom Brady spends time with his mother Galynn after practice.

Mike Reiss, ESPN Staff Writer ago

In an interview on NFL Network with former teammate Willie McGinest, Brady said, "My parents were trying to surprise me and come back here, and I just saw them when I ran out for practice. I didn't even know my mom was here."

In the interview with McGinest, Brady reflected on having his mother at Super Bowl LI.

"It was pretty incredible to have Mom there," Brady told McGinest. "I think part of it, too, was that my whole family was there. I had all my kids. My daughter was there, my wife obviously. My parents, all my sisters, all my nieces, all my brother-in-laws. To celebrate before the game at picture day, to celebrate with them after the game, that's what makes it special.

"To get to this point takes a lot of people, it takes a lot of support. A lot of people have to sacrifice a lot of things for you. To reach that game and to win it, and to celebrate with all those people -- not only your teammates and all the people associated with the team, but your family ... you know, they're trying to help us live our dream. You couldn't do without them."