Julian Edelman on Jimmy Garoppolo to 49ers: 'They're getting a stud'

Young thinks Garoppolo can make a difference (0:51)

Steve Young breaks down the expectations on Jimmy Garoppolo now that he's on the 49ers. (0:51)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- One thing that has become clear since the New England Patriots traded quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers on Monday is how widely respected Garoppolo is by many in the organization.

Take, for example, veteran receiver Julian Edelman.

In an appearance on NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" program Friday, Edelman shared his thoughts on Garoppolo going to the 49ers.

"They're getting a stud, man," Edelman said. "He was a good little friend of mine. He would come out to L.A. and I would punk him into throwing to me a bunch his first couple of years, and then he got a little too big for it."

Following that playful rib, Edelman added that Garoppolo is a "hard-working guy, a football guy; he's going to make plays."

As for the trade, Edelman said, "It's unfortunate; that's the NFL. There's the relationship parts of it and then there's the business aspect of it, and sometimes they don't always meet up. You make relationships in this league, but you see friends come and go all the time. It will be cool to have him in the Bay Area, though, so when I go back, I can punk him into throwing to me."

Edelman is from Redwood City, California.