How Bugs Bunny helps Patriots LB Marquis Flowers connect with his son

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Fourth-year linebacker Marquis Flowers has one of the more colorful personalities in the New England Patriots' locker room, which was reflected, in part, by his wardrobe choice on Thursday afternoon.

The Bugs Bunny pants stood out.

“My son has a pair, and it’s one of those things where my son had them -- Bugs Bunny was my favorite character growing up -- so I got myself a pair, too,” Flowers said. “It’s one of those father-son things, we match.”

Flowers, a 25-year-old University of Arizona alum who is a core special-teams contributor with a growing role in specific sub packages on defense, lit up when talking about his 5-year-old son, Braylen.

“I love him, man. Little Me,” he said with a laugh.

Bugs Bunny is one way they connect.

“Really, all cartoons,” Flowers said. “He loves watching me play football, and when I come home, I just love sitting around with him, watching cartoons when we can, or different characters. I try to show him all the characters I liked growing up. He likes that. He’s full of life, man. A great kid, full of life, always happy, and I love that about him.”

A big Rams fan growing up, Flowers said the two will often coordinate wearing their Bugs Bunny pants at the same time, usually with Braylen leading the charge.

“We’ll find some more characters to wear,” Flowers said. “I’m a ’90s baby, so I think I’ll have cooler cartoon characters than he’s going to have. That's not his fault, but that was when it was booming.”