Tom Brady has a nitpick on stat of scoreless Super Bowl first quarters

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BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a little nitpick on one of the most unusual Super Bowl statistics in his career.

Yes, it’s true, the team has not scored in the first quarter of any of its prior seven Super Bowl appearances with Brady as the starting quarterback. But Brady said it’s important to look at the fine print.

“There is a little caveat to that, in my opinion,” Brady said this week, showing that the details of the game, even a decade later, don’t escape him. “In 2007, it was our first drive of the game and it just happened to be the first play of the second quarter [that we scored].

“But you’re right: I’d love to score 21 points in the first quarter if we can, but obviously this [Eagles] defense is going to make it really tough for us.”

Brady is right, as the Patriots had one excellent crack at scoring in the first quarter of Super Bowl XLII, with a first-and-goal at the 1 with 23 seconds left, but Laurence Maroney was stopped by Giants defensive end Justin Tuck for no gain. Maroney ran it in for a touchdown on the next play.

When the first-quarter no-points topic was mentioned to Bill Belichick in the days following the AFC Championship Game, he smiled and said, “Any other negative stuff from the Super Bowl I need to be aware of?”

On Thursday of Super Bowl LII week, Brady noted, “Bill always reminds us when we don’t score. We’re trying to score every time we take the field.”