Patriots' Nate Solder: Hey, Coach, I'm going to take today off

Belichick chants 'No days off' during parade (0:42)

During the Patriots Super Bowl parade, Bill Belichick chants "no days off" in reference to the hard work the team put in to bring home the championship trophy. (0:42)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots left tackle Nate Solder scored an early victory on Wednesday.

After coach Bill Belichick attempted to start a "No Days Off!" chant at the team's Super Bowl LI celebratory parade on Tuesday -- which he said reflected how the team came to work every day and was his hardest working team ever -- Solder took to Twitter early this morning.

Well done, Nate.

As Belichick would surely agree, that's a day off that has been well earned.