NFLN survey/popular coach: Patriots

Results from the NFL Nation Confidential survey on the head coach most players would like to play for serve as a reminder of how perceptions have shifted.

When Pete Carroll was coach of the Patriots from 1997-99, he might have had a hard time garnering a single vote.

Today, he's at the top of the heap.

That was a tough spot for Carroll to step in to, following Bill Parcells, and it seems fair to say the three-headed structure of the organization at the time (coach/personnel/salary cap) didn't put him in the best position to succeed. Carroll has said the experience helped him, because if he ever received another chance in the NFL he'd only take it if he could build the team the way he felt it needed to be done.

His work with the Seahawks has been impressive.

Outside of Bill Belichick, Carroll and Andy Reid (Chiefs) were the two coaches who generated the most momentum in the Patriots' locker room.