Patriots players stand by Tom Brady

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots players' quotes on quarterback Tom Brady's news conference held Thursday:

Rob Gronkowski on supporting Brady: “I got his back. He’s our quarterback, no doubt about that. I’ll be out on the field with him next Sunday. That’s all, we’ve got his back 100 percent. ... Yes, I believe him for sure and that’s all, I believe him.”

Vince Wilfork on Brady's composure in front of the media: “Tom knows how to handle all situations. He’ll handle this with class like he always does. Negative or positive, he would handle it with class. That’s one thing that makes him so great is how he handles himself off the field and on the field.”

Devin McCourty on Brady taking it head on: “I think this team understands that we’ve got a leader that we never question. There’s never any doubt no matter what the situation is, whether it be on the field or off the field. This team has a lot of trust in Tom and, honestly, I don’t think anyone in this locker room is worried about it. We know next Sunday we’re going to get the best No. 12 that we’ve gotten all year. That’s how he prepares. Like I always say, he sets the example for preparing. Our goal is just to be ready for next Sunday.”

Akeem Ayers on how it affects the Super Bowl: “I don’t agree with it. I don’t think it has much to do with the Super Bowl. We are focused on playing our best. I don’t think any of us are worried about that. We are a team. We are trying to move forward.”

Ayers on the talk fueling the desire to win: “It only can be motivation. I will use it as that personally. [It’s] trying to take away what we have done to get this far but we will just use it as motivation and play our best football again.”