Brees takes tough stance on Bucs' hits

METAIRIE, La. -- New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees didn’t pull any punches when asked about the shots his teammates took last Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- making it clear that he felt safeties Dashon Goldson and Ahmad Black crossed the line with their vicious hits to the heads of tailback Darren Sproles and tight end Jimmy Graham.

Brees didn’t bring up the subject on his own, but he answered bluntly when asked about Goldson’s one-game suspension being overturned Wednesday.

"He’s had a lot of those," Brees said of Goldson, who was instead fined $100,000 after his latest illegal hit on Sproles. "He certainly has no regard for the rules in the middle. He's going after guys' heads. You can see it. So obviously $100,000 is a pretty hefty fine. And I’m sure if it continues to happen it’ll be even greater punishment than that."

Brees later added:

"It's hard when you're coming off a game where that was one of our guys that he was going after on more than one occasion -- and obviously the hit on Jimmy, which wasn't him. It was another one of their guys. But it was obvious that they were going at his head, so I've got no sympathy for that. …

"I know it's tough playing the safety position in the middle. Things happen fast. But then again, there's some instances where you can see it was pretty obvious a guy was going at another guy's head. And that happened on at least two occasions in our game."

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