Saints mailbag: Guys in the shadows

Thanks for submitting all of your New Orleans Saints mailbag questions to me on Twitter this week. Send ‘em my way anytime @MikeTriplett. I post a mailbag every weekend and occasionally sprinkle some questions into my morning report.

BONUS QUESTION: Nobody asked in the mailbag, but I was curious, so I asked Payton myself if he saw this recent performance from Chicago Bears journeyman quarterback Josh McCown coming when the Saints lined up a free-agent visit with McCown way back in 2006. McCown was the Saints’ backup plan if Drew Brees hadn’t agreed to a deal.

“He had gotten to the connecting city,” Payton recalled when I asked if that visit ever took place. “I can’t tell you where it was. And then we had touched base with him, and then he turned from the connecting city and went back to his place of origin. I don’t know where that was, either.”

“I think he’s very talented,” Payton continued. “He is a player that has had a lot of experience. And often times, especially at that position, you get the right fit with a team. He had a great game this past week, obviously, he was NFC [Offensive] Player of the Week. And we probably pay more attention because his brother [Luke McCown] is here, to how he is doing, and also there are some ties with the Chicago Bears staff. It is good to see. Obviously it looks like he is playing very comfortably and it is helping them win.”