Where the Saints rank: Week 16

The New Orleans Saints (10-4) are still holding their own in most statistical categories, but they’ve been plummeting in the turnover ratio. After losing that battle 3-0 in last Sunday’s 27-16 loss to the St. Louis Rams, the Saints now rank 15th in the NFL with a turnover ratio of exactly even (17 takeaways, 17 giveaways).

The Saints haven’t forced a turnover in the past three games, and they’ve forced only two in the past seven games. Here’s a look at where the Saints and this week’s opponent, the Carolina Panthers (10-4), rank in key statistical categories:


Total yards: 5th (397.0 per game)

Passing yards: 2nd (307.8 per game)

Rushing yards: 26th (89.2 per game)

Third-down conversions: 4th (44.7 percent)

Red zone touchdowns: 18th (53.9 percent)

Turnovers (giveaways): Tied for 5th fewest (17)

Sacks allowed: Tied for 6th fewest (30)


Total yards: 5th (312.8 per game)

Passing yards: 3rd (196.4 per game)

Rushing yards: 21st (116.4 per game)

Third-down conversions: 12th (37.3 percent)

Red zone touchdowns: 19th (57.1 percent)

Turnovers (takeaways): Tied for 27th (17)

Sacks: Tied for 3rd (43)


Points scored: 10th (25.6 per game)

Points allowed: 5th (19.3 per game)

Turnover ratio: 15th (even)

Time of possession: 3rd (32:08 per game)


QB Drew Brees: 321.4 yards per game (2nd), 34 touchdowns (2nd), 104.0 passer rating (7th), 69.3 Total QBR (5th)

TE Jimmy Graham: 14 total TDs (2nd), 14 receiving TDs (1st)

WR Kenny Stills: 18.7 yards per reception (2nd)

DE Cameron Jordan: 11.5 sacks (tie-4th)

P Thomas Morstead: net average 42.8 yards per punt (2nd)


Total yards: 25th (326.0 per game)

Passing yards: 28th (196.6 per game)

Rushing yards: 8th (129.4 per game)

Turnovers (giveaways): 4th fewest (16)

Sacks allowed: Tied for 18th most (38)


Total yards: 2nd (296.3 per game)

Passing yards: 5th (211.4 per game)

Rushing yards: 2nd (84.9 per game)

Turnovers (takeaways): Tied for 5th (27)

Sacks: 2nd (45)


Points scored: 17th (23.4 per game)

Points allowed: 2nd (14.9 per game)